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Momentum is a unique approach to sports performance training. We provide athletes the opportunity to take ownership in their athletic development. Our programs are specifically designed to help maximize your athletic potential. Each program is unique to the individual and the sport in which they compete. Our trainers provide valuable knowledge and experience that will help elevate your performance to new levels.

Here at Momentum we evaluate athletic ability using two simple principles:
• Is the athlete coordinated? (Coordination)
• Does the athlete understand where his/her body is at in space? (Proprioception)

At Momentum we specialize in training athletes based upon these principles. To maximize performance and ability we must lay a foundation solidly based upon coordination and proprioception. Strength and Acceleration are a product of learning to utilize the body in the correct way.Once we have a concrete understanding of how to use the body. We can then create gains in a healthy and effective way.

Momentum classes are 90 minute sessions. The first 45 minutes of instruction concentrate on speed and agility. The second 45 minutes of instruction will concentrate on strength training. Our instructors will design a program specific to the needs of each client.

Momentum Pricing:

Individual Instruction: 90 Minutes $35.00
Group Training: 90 Minutes $20.00
8 Group Sessions, 1 month Package $144.00
24 Group Sessions, 4 month Package $384.00
Unlimited 1 Month Membership $200.00
Unlimited 4 Month Membership $600.00
Double: Unlimted Baseball/Softball Membership + 16 Momentum Group Sessions $375.00
Triple: Complete Double Package + 6 30 Minute Baseball/Softball Instructions $500.00
Homerun: Complete Double Package + 6 1 Hour Baseball/Softball Instructions $650.00